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Tamagotchi New Random Keychain


Remember the mobile pixel pets people used to have in the 2000s? This is a mini keycahin Tamagotchi with a mini pet for you to have fun with and take care of. You can carry it around anywhere and have a nice time with random pets.

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Tamagotchi New Random Keychain: The Ideal Back to School Anime Toy!

Transport yourself into the captivating world of Anime with the latest addition to our New Arrivals collection – the Tamagotchi New Random Keychain! This mesmerizing keychain is the perfect companion for all Anime and More Toons enthusiasts, whether you’re heading back to school or just looking for some Fun Tings to spice up your day.

The Tamagotchi New Random Keychain is a portable virtual pet that brings nostalgia and playfulness right to your fingertips. Its compact size makes it a delightful addition to your backpack, pencil case, or set of keys, making it an absolute must-have for back-to-school season.

Unleash your own digital pet adventure as you nurture, care for, and play with your virtual friend. With a variety of adorable characters to choose from, each keychain offers a surprise in the form of a new friend every time. Collect and trade them with your friends to unlock even more fun.

Our Tamagotchis are designed to promote responsibility and time management skills, making them an excellent tool for educational purposes. As you care for your virtual pet by feeding, cleaning, and playing with it, you’ll learn about the importance of nurturing and being attentive to one’s responsibilities – skills that will undoubtedly benefit you in both school and everyday life.

With an affordable price of under $15, the Tamagotchi New Random Keychain is an excellent value for money, making it accessible to all Anime lovers. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with surprises, cuteness, and endless entertainment!

Don’t miss out on this delightful new addition to our toy collection. Order your Tamagotchi New Random Keychain today and be the envy of all your friends! Whether you’re a fan of Anime, heading back to school, or simply looking for a fun toy to brighten your day, this keychain is the perfect choice.

Customer Reviews

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It's not like the Tamagotchis of the 90-s but saves.
It doesn't have night mode either, but it goes off alone if it's not used for a while.
You have some options that are not well understood for what they serve, but as it is for children it is not that they care about their functioning, hehe.
He does his job.


Came pink, as I wanted! Jim good guy, sorry only Tamagochi can't turn off or keep progress


Got, 3 PCs In one marriage with sound


Beautiful, exact to the image, responsible to the seller.


I have not figured it out yet, but everything is cool ^ ^ (in the kit there is an English instruction)