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Original Hatsune Miku Butterfly Fairy Figurine


It’s Hatsune Miku as a beautiful butterfly fairy. She’s huge too and will be perfect to put up for display in any room. Does come with a stand. She’s handmade so please understand if there are any imperfections.

Contact us if there’re any issues!

Size : 35cm

Welcome to the enchanting world of the Original Hatsune Miku Butterfly Fairy Figurine! Bursting with the essence of anime magic, this adorable collectible will transport you into a realm of lively imagination and pure joy.

The delicate craftsmanship of this magnificent 35cm figurine showcases the beloved Hatsune Miku in all her ethereal glory. With her colorful butterfly wings gracefully poised, Miku exudes an air of whimsy that will captivate both anime fans and art enthusiasts alike.

Every intricate detail of the figurine has been meticulously crafted to capture the essence of Hatsune Miku’s iconic charm. From her vibrant teal pigtails to her flamboyant attire, this figurine truly brings Miku to life in stunning three-dimensional form.

Whether you choose the 35cm figurine with its meticulously designed box or the unboxed version, this charming piece will make a striking addition to any collector’s showcase or anime-inspired decor. Place it on your shelf, desk, or anywhere you desire, and let Miku’s magical presence enchant your surroundings.

As a delightful gift or a cherished personal possession, the Original Hatsune Miku Butterfly Fairy Figurine will bring a touch of anime wonder wherever it resides. It is a true celebration of the art form, curated with love and care for the fans who adore Hatsune Miku and her enduring legacy.

So, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Hatsune Miku. Let her captivating persona and intricate design sweep you away into a world of limitless possibilities. Indulge in the beauty and charm of this exceptional figurine, and experience the magic of anime like never before.

Customer Reviews

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Jest nawet ok ale podstawa jest porysowana a na włosach jest trochę kleju. Pudełko jakby kopano nim po ziemie


Фигурка просто шикарна!!Приехала не сломано.Видно,что она оригинальная,тк качество отличное.Коробка пришла помятой,но безразницы.Попросила упаковать получше и все хорошо!!Из-за крыльев не залезла на полку полностью:^


Figurine arrived intact and well packed


ela é muito linda, só as asas são ruins de encaixar.


The best packing that I ever seen , the figure is very well built with good materials and good painting, the only problem is that one of the wings is not fixing in place very well