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Genshin Impact Slime Plush Pillows


“Add adorable Genshin Impact Slime Plush Pillows to your collection! Choose from elemental colors, cuddly size, and holiday-themed designs. Perfect for any anime enthusiast.” Target keyword: Genshin Impact Slime Plush Pillows

Introducing the Genshin Impact Slime Plush Pillows – the perfect addition to any anime enthusiast’s collection! These adorable pillows come in a variety of elemental colors, including Cyro, Anemo, Electro, Pyro, Dendro, Geo, and Hydro, so you can choose your favorite or collect them all. Each pillow measures 10cm, making them the ideal size to display on your bed, couch, or gaming station.

These plush pillows are not just for show – they’re also incredibly soft and huggable, making them the perfect cuddle companion for long gaming sessions or cozy nights in. Whether you’re a fan of Genshin Impact or simply love cute and kawaii plushies, these pillows are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Embrace the holiday spirit with our Christmas-themed Genshin Impact Slime Plush Pillows, which make for a delightful gift for your fellow gamers or anime-loving friends. The festive colors and playful designs are sure to add a touch of cheer to any space, making them the perfect addition to your seasonal decor.

With their compact size, these plush pillows are also ideal for on-the-go fun. Toss them in your bag for a touch of comfort during long car rides, flights, or even just a day out with friends. Their durable construction ensures that they can withstand plenty of adventures without losing their shape or softness.

Whether you’re a dedicated Genshin Impact player or simply someone who appreciates adorable and high-quality plushies, these Slime Plush Pillows are a must-have addition to your collection. Embrace your love for the game and cute anime characters with these delightful and irresistible pillows.

Customer Reviews

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It is really very soft


Everything is cool, the material is pleasant
I thought that they would be bigger but they turned out to be the size of a palm


Very soft




The keychain is very small. There were incomprehensible spots.