Welcome to the Killer Fam

Thank You for being a part of The Killer Fam! We're so excited to collaborate with you. Let's get to know each other first <3

We Need You

The Killer Lookz Become a Model Program wants someone unique. You can be whoever you want to be, create and express yourself together with Killer Lookz. Our main goal is to make Killer Lookz grow and become one of the well known clothing brands. We want to have models wearing and posting wearing our brand so people will recognize and trust our brand a little more. In a year or two, we're going to advertise across the world and maybe even open retail stores across United States.

Perks and Benefits

Firstly, you'll need some clothing or products from Killer Lookz! When you're all ready to take pictures or video of you wearing or unboxing, don't forget to post and tag us @killerlookzboutique on instagram or mention us @killerlookzofficial on tik tok.

If we feature you on our story, you get tagged and if we use your picture or videos on our social media, you'll get paid.

If we really like your photos, we may also feature you on our website and online ads <3

We're also going to launch a brand ambassadorship program soon so keep following us if you're interested in that more.

Order your clothing to get started 

Hey you, we can only pay you if you're wearing our clothes. So, go get some right now! Don't worry, you don't have to pay full prices.

                                 How Much You Get Paid                                      

               Instagram Story                      Tag Only

               Instagram Post                        $50 + Tag 

              Online Ads                               $100 - $1000

              Store Page                              $100 - $2000 + Royalties.           

 *Account must be public

*Follow @killerlookzboutique


              >100-1k Followers                     30% off 8 items

              >5k Followers                            40% off 5 items

              >10k  Followers                         50% off 2 items

              >50k Followers                          100% off 1 item

             >100k Followers                        100% off 3 items                 

*1 time use only

 Your private discount code is KILLERCOLLAB30. Just enter it at the checkout screen and you're good to go!