Make a Killer Collab

Thank You for being a part of The Killer Fam! We're so excited to collaborate with you. Let's get to know each other first <3


Killer Lookz started in 2021 as a small business brand and we hope to expand as we go. Our plan is to make people more aware of the brand and maybe even open pop-up stores eventually. We're so glad to be opening collaborations with you guys!

Get Started

Once you sign up for the collab, you'll get a referral code for you and your audience. Every time you refer someone, and they make a purchase, the customer gets a $10 off. Tell them to put your referral code when purchasing.

More excitingly, you GET A $20 OFF ORDERS over $50.

Don't worry, we'd love to send you some free gifts too <3 After every five purchases with your code, we'll send you some free clothes and merch for you to wear and advertise more.

Once you get the clothes, you can choose to make videos or posts and continue to share your code with more people. We'll keep sending you more and more free stuff every month the more customers you bring!

 Referral Code

Click on the little button on the bottom left of your screen - the gift box. Then, sign up with your email and make your account. You'll get a referral URL you can refer to your friends and fans.

And that's all you need!!

Just make anyone make a purchase with your URL, you both get coupons, and you get the Free Stuff <3

Your Instagram needs to be public. Your follower count does not matter. Be creative and be you. 

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or proposals.