Check out the newest feline members of KillerLookz on Tikok @louiemochii

This year the killerlookz team was happy to bring aboard and adopt two adorable kittens. Louie the gray tabby named and the Siamese kitten named Mochi! These two are adorable and eager to learn and play more and more!!! You can find some of there training and day to day play on tiktok @louiemochii

These guys are amazing at learning new tricks and so eager to learn. You can see the excitement in their eyes as they hear us calling out "good boy"

Truthfully i think Louie thought his name was "good boy" in one of the first videos he doesn't move his head when his name was called, but stands right up and looks at us as we say "good boy sit down". It's really amazing how much they learn and just how quickly they understand. it feels like they've always been there. 

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